A $40 logo vs a $500 dollar logo

What’s the difference between a $40 logo and a $500 logo?

I recently came across a video from Will Paterson ( where he ran an interesting experiment.

He hired 5 different designers on Fiverr to create a logo for a fictional company. The price of each designer varied, ranging from $40 to $500. For consistency, he gave each designer the exact same brief, which he intentionally kept on the vague side to see each designer’s interpretation.

What may surprise you is the level of quality across the board. All the logos, even the ones from the least expensive designers, looked good. While Will’s discerning eye was able to notice some novice mistakes on the cheaper logos, such as a lack of kerning or slightly uneven line work, those logos were still suitable for a professional brand. It’s clear that you can get quality work at an affordable price point.

What separated the more expensive designers was the level of depth in the deliverable. Not only did the more expensive designers have more intricate logos with custom typesets and detailed shading, they delivered an entire presentation walking through their process.

They also featured the logo sized down to common app icon formats, proving that the logo works in real world use cases. And when Will asked for revisions, the more expensive designers were better able to adapt their work to Will’s needs.

In the end, the more expensive designers had more of an intuitive understanding of the brief, delivered a more premium design, and were able to make changes to the initial design with a minimal amount of back and forth with the client. That’s certainly worth the extra cash, but if you’re on a budget and just need a quality logo, it’s amazing just how far your money goes.


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