Baby Shark is killing it!

Let’s talk about YouTube.

About one-third of all the people using the internet are on YouTube right now. With a user base of 2 billion+ people, YouTube averages 34 billion monthly visits.

We’re not talking about 34 million accidental visits. Viewers opt-in to YouTube, meaning they look at the title and thumbnail and decide whether or not they want to watch. So if they click, they’re making a deliberate choice to spend time with a creator.

This is a huge upside for content creators who want to build a relationship with their audience. With an average length slightly longer than 11 minutes, creators have an opportunity to deliver value to subscribers. We’re talking about quality AND quantity of time.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Building a loyal subscriber base can be more important than growing a following if you can extend the lifetime value of your audience.

If we look at the YouTube videos with the highest number of views, can we find a value pattern delivered to viewers?

The reigning champ of YouTube views is Baby Shark with over 11 billion views. The shark gobbled up Despacito’s 7 billion views and more than doubled Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You (5 billion views).

Music videos dominate YouTube’s top-ten list. Clearly, providing musical entertainment is one way to provide value to an audience. However, the most popular YouTube channel is the WWE channel. With 91 million subscribers, World Wrestling is providing a different kind of entertainment.

Entertainment isn’t the only value provided by YouTube content creators. Viewers turn to YouTube for instructions on repairing a washing machine, to changing a tire, to even making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Shoppers use YouTube for product reviews, and students of all ages go to school on YouTube to learn economics, French, pasta making, and square dance.

What does all this mean for you?

It’s simple. By providing value, whether in the form of entertainment or information, YouTube content creators were able to earn over 30 billion dollars over the last few years. Before you can provide value, you have to first grab the attention of your audience; you have to give that potential viewer a reason to opt in, to say yes.

Learning how to grab the attention of your audience, to hook that viewer, isn’t easy, but it’s simple if you have the right process. That’s what we focus on: using the Hook Point Viral Content Process to create attention-grabbing content that goes consistently viral. Once you master that process, the rest is easy.

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