Deep and meaningful connections in 60 seconds


Which of the following statistics is the most important?

  1. TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play store.
  2.  There are 29.7 million global daily average users on TikTok.
  3.  88% of TikTok users say the sound on the platform is central to the experience, and 68% say videos using popular songs help them remember brands better.
  4. 55% of TikTok users say the platform helps them discover new things.
  5. 70% of users agree they feel a “deeper connection to people they interact with on TikTok than any other platform.”

We see the numbers, but it’s not immediately clear what they mean for content creators. However, #5 is probably the most significant statistic for understanding how we might create content for TikTok.

If we’re honest, #5 makes us a little uncomfortable because we live in a transitory world with temporary relationships. It’s hard to form deep connections in real life, and even more challenging on social media.

Additionally, due to the transitory nature of TikTok, we tend to treat it like most content creators, chasing meaningless views. We default to creating content that makes it easy for people to like and then move on. Content that’s enjoyable, consumable, but there’s no reason for viewers to care about us.

Making people care is super difficult, but vital if we want to develop a deeper connection with our audience. Don’t confuse followers with caring either. Think about it: how many creators do we follow on TikTok that we’ve completely forgotten about? It’s probably hard to remember them because, fundamentally, we don’t really care.

We want people to wonder about us when we don’t post for a while.

The first place to start is how we think about the audience. When we speak to them, is it to “all of you” or just “you”? This might seem like an inconsequential nuance, but for the person on the other side of the screen, it’s key. We’re not speaking to an amorphous group of followers; we’re speaking one-on-one to another human being on the other side of a screen.

We don’t form relationships with “all of you”. I forge a connection with you.

Once we shift from “we – all of you” to “I – you”, a deeper connection is possible and we can strengthen that relationship by adding value. When your content pops up in viewers’ feeds, they know they’re going to see something enjoyable, consumable, and valuable. When they don’t see content from you in a little while, they wonder where you are and actively seek you out. That’s the true measure of engaged followers.

Connection + value = caring.

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