Does this leather apron make me look like a serial killer?

Leather aprons are experiencing a renaissance.

Leather aprons have been a staple of craftsmen and artisans for centuries, providing a sturdy and durable layer of protection against the rigors of manual labor. However, in recent years, the leather apron has experienced a renaissance, with its popularity and usage expanding beyond traditional tradesman and onto the streets of trendy neighborhoods.

Now, a wide range of professionals, from baristas, upscale barbers, organic grocers to fashion-forward DIY celebrities, have been seen sporting the latest artisanal protective gear – a leather apron. The popularity of leather aprons can be attributed to their versatile and stylish design, as well as their appeal to the current trend towards authenticity, artistry, wholesomeness, and natural minimalism.

Although leather aprons have had a hell of a run and have become a ubiquitous aesthetic trend, there is a downside to their newfound popularity. As more and more brands jump on the trend, the unique appeal of the leather apron becomes diluted, losing its status as a defining feature for those who want to stand out.

On social media we’re tempted to grab hold of the “leather aprons” because we long to develop a great sounding, unique expression of our brand and think, this is the thing that will set us apart. We adopt every trending song, meme, and joke, and it works for a while…until everyone else on social media is using the same trending songs, memes, and jokes.

That’s when we start over, developing a new great sounding, unique expression of our brand that will really set us apart from the other 4 billion creators posting social media content.

It’s exhausting.

What we need is a strategy that’s grounded in understanding why content goes viral instead of just recognizing what is going viral. A strategy firmly rooted in research that explores the . A strategy that can consistently make your brand stand out and can outlast even the sturdiest leather apron.

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