What Everybody Wants Are Followers, What Everybody Needs….

You want followers.

Followers are important.

But, the bottom line is, content is everything.

Whether you’re trying to generate followers, generate traffic, leads, sales…..everything comes down to effective content.

People automatically assume that once they have a lot of followers, all of their problems will be solved.

It’s simply not true. Because in today’s world, there is so much content on digital platforms, the algorithms are getting stricter and stricter about what they feed to people.

If you get a million followers or a hundred thousand followers, or whatever number you’re going for, if you aren’t focused on content and effectively structuring content, you are going to reach a very small fraction of that audience. And, all of your work to build those followers is going to be worthless.

If you’re not standing out against all of the other content with the algorithm, it doesn’t matter how many hundreds, thousands, or millions of followers you have.

That’s why, for my team and I, we focus on content and followers.

There’s also a misconception with competition. You automatically think you’re competing against the people in your niche, but you’re also competing against Lebron James, TMZ, and any major movie. They’re all on the internet, and so are you. That makes them your competition.

If you can’t hold your own with good content, you lose.

So, focus your energy and effort on becoming the best content creator possible, instead of worrying just about followers.

A very simple way to approach it is to ask yourself this:

Let’s say you had $5 million dollars and the ability to buy a Superbowl commercial spot today. The question is, are you ready? Would you be able to put something in that slot that stands up against all of the other ads that are going up on that same day in front of a third of the country? If you can’t stand out against them, all that money you spent to get that reach will mean nothing.

The same thing applies with digital. The content is what matters.

With great content, everything else will fall into place.

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