From 600 to 18 Million Views: The Story of Dr. Erin Nance’s Social Media Success

It’s the little things that make a big difference.

You know, it’s funny how we often believe that we need a massive following or some revolutionary idea to make a big impact on social media. But the truth is, sometimes it’s the small tweaks and adjustments to our existing content that can make all the difference. Let me tell you a story about Dr. Erin Nance, a hand surgeon who learned this lesson firsthand (no pun intended).

Dr. Erin had a successful private practice and wanted to broaden her reach to help more people learn about hand surgery. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not exactly. How do you make people interested in something as niche as hand surgery? Dr. Erin reached out to Hook Point for guidance, and they took on this unique challenge together.

Now, there’s no magic formula to instantly go viral (though many might try to sell you on that idea). It takes dedication, determination, and a willingness to learn and adapt. Dr. Erin had all of that and more. She dove deep into the world of social media to uncover what made a post soar to millions of views, and what kept others hidden away with only a few hundred.

Can you spot the difference between this video with just over 800 views and this one with 4.3 million?


@the_hand_doctor Who invited Miss Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to the party? #carpaltunnel #carpaltunnelsyndrome #doctorsoftiktok #handsurgery @Brooke Shields @Yo Mama @Kim Kardashian ♬ original sound – Dr. Erin Nance 🇺🇸


@littlemissdiagnosed Scenes that change your brain chemsitry #littlemissdiagnosed #medicalstorytelling ♬ original sound – Dr. Erin Nance 🇺🇸


Dr. Erin discovered a world of visual storytelling unique to social media – a new language, if you will. By adjusting her content to fit this language, Dr. Erin made small yet powerful changes that created a huge ripple effect. In less than a year, she accumulated over 18 million views and became a respected presence in the orthopedic world online.

What’s the takeaway here? Ignore the flashy promises of instant virality. True success lies in consistent, attentive work that involves researching, testing, modifying, and staying true to your core message. It’s not as glamorous as flipping a switch, but it’s the small things that truly make a big difference in the end. So, stay committed, and you’ll likely see amazing results.

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