I Don’t Want This To Happen To You…

I want to tell you one of the biggest obstacles I see when it comes to your success on digital platforms. It’s one of the most common traps, and nearly everyone falls into it.

I’m talking about the belief that having a big following automatically means you will get you the success/business deal/customers/clients/etc., that you want to have. It can help. But, it won’t automatically open the doors for you, or keep them open.

People come to me all the time and ask me to help grow their following. They have a goal, something that they want to accomplish. They’re convinced followers will do it for them.

The reality is, without 1. Good content, and 2. A solid strategy, no amount of followers will help you. You might be able to get people to your website, podcast or your social page.

But, you won’t keep them there.

And, you won’t be able to leverage those who do stick around to achieve the success you want to have.

It happens all the time to TV stars, professional athletes, brands, and celebrities. Thousands of enormously famous people and brands are unheard of today. That’s because they’ve lost the ability to stay in front of you. The content — tv show, magazine article, live concerts, media interviews, sporting events — that kept them visible to you and kept you engaged with them stopped being accessible to them. Guess what happened next.

And, plenty of people who achieve fame and an audience fail to succeed at the same level that others do.

You see where I’m going with this. Without content and strategy, an audience will eventually have little value. No matter how large it is. Without something to catch people’s attention and keep them interested, they eventually dissipate. Without a plan to leverage the attention, it’ll fade away. People get frustrated because they’re not growing their audience. It’s because they’re leaving out the content and strategy piece.

I don’t want this to happen to you. It’s why I am constantly telling you to focus on your content and have a strategy, then work on growing your followers. Lock down and master content and implementation first.

Content is the vehicle that gets you to your goal on digital platforms. Your strategy is the map, and your followers are the fuel. A lot of people get this wrong because they think followers should come first.

Imagine trying to take a cross-country trip with only a can of gasoline. You wouldn’t get very far. It’s the same with success on digital platforms.

If a big audience was all it took, a lot more people would be at the top. And, everyone at the top would still be there.

Don’t put follower growth as your first priority. Dial in your content and your strategy. Then, put your audience growth effort into operation.

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