Ignore the voices in your head

Language plays a powerful role in our lives and is the foundation on which we build our thoughts and actions. Particularly when it comes to social media, the language we use to describe our creative goals can either limit or expand our potential for success.

When we say that we want to do something creative we are using a broad term. This term can encompass a vast array of activities, from painting to writing, and from music to filmmaking. It’s a term that lacks specificity, and it fails to capture the specific passions that drive us to create.

However, by breaking down the term “creative” into its specific components, we can tap into our innermost passion. Perhaps we have a love for graphic design, or a talent for writing captivating captions. It could be that we are skilled at creating visually stunning content, or that we have a natural flair for storytelling on social media.

The more specific we get with the language we use, the closer we get to successfully executing on our ideas. When we identify the exact nature of our idea, we can visualize ourselves creating content that makes people care. We can create content more effectively, ensuring that our captions and visuals align with the message we want to deliver.

Ultimately, the language we use to describe our social media goals has a direct impact on our ability to succeed in this highly competitive arena. By avoiding generic terms like “interesting,” “original,” or “creative,” we can unlock our potential for greatness and create content that truly resonates with our followers. So, let’s choose our words carefully and embrace the power of language to create content that truly grabs attention.

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