“It’s Corn! A big lump with knobs” 🌽


The question we hear the most at Hook Point is, “I get what you’re saying about growing my following with viral content, but how do I monetize that following?”

We understand that concern. After all, it’s a profit deal.

However, think about what dominated social media in the last week of August: the corn kid. And then came that banger of a song, followed by the dance remix when we thought the trend was almost over. By the time you read this newsletter, Big Corn might have been harvested by Big Pumpkin, or the corn song might live on in our hearts forever like Harambe.

The point is, your content is competing with a wave of trending entertainment that people want to watch over a call to action.

Now here’s the good news: Trends, by their very nature, are bound to fizzle out over time. That’s why we don’t recommend content creators to jump on the corn song trend or any other trend. Instead, we point creators to universal and recognizable patterns that make content go viral.

When you can identify, imitate, and then master the performance drivers that lead to virality, you no longer need to ride the next trend wave. By contrast, you’re setting trends because you know how to make people care about your content.

That’s the point at which you can monetize your following. Once you’ve created content people want to consume, and you’ve won their attention, then you can add a call to action like icing on the cake.

Even better news: Once you’ve exponentially increased your following with viral content, your CTA will reach a much wider audience. Take, for example, TikTok lawyer Erika Kullberg. She provides valuable information to followers by harnessing powerful viral performance drivers, not by jumping on the latest trends. Erika gives advice about inflation, student loan debt, mortgage rates, and even life hacks like getting refunds from airlines. Therefore, her modest CTA is reaching 9 million followers who are not watching because they need a lawyer, but because they enjoy her content. What do you think a 2% conversion rate on 9 million followers is?

Instead of trying to ride the next wave, be the content creator that makes waves.

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