Let’s talk about going viral…

To be honest with you, I know nothing about blenders. I know they’re an essential part of every kitchen, and we use them to blend stuff, and that’s about it. But I do know about BlendTec, and if you put me in an appliance store and told me to pick a blender on the spot without prior research, I’d probably pick one made by Blendtec. Why? Because of their “will it blend” series. Let me explain.

The ABC of any marketing plan is to focus all of your efforts on targeting interested audiences, right? Otherwise, you’d be wasting a lot of resources targeting people who don’t really care about your product, and who wants that?

But, imagine if you could influence disinterested customers to love and promote your product for free! Picture all the buzz that your brand will be creating, the followers you will be getting. Wouldn’t that be ideal?

To pull that off, you need a strong hook point. A hook point that no customer can resist.
And that’s precisely what BlendTec and Dollar Shave Club did. They created ingenious hook points that generated a cult following that loves their brand.

There are multiple reasons why these simple ads worked so well. Let me explain.

  • Dollar Shave Club Case Study:

DSC’s Youtube ad is a timeless classic. Why?

Their hook point is “how can our audience watch our ad and be entertained without necessarily caring about the product beforehand?” Dollar Shave Club combined its unique value proposition, mission, vision, and core values into a beautifully put-together ad that caused more than 27 million people. Twenty-seven million people from all over the world stopped the scroll and watched an ad about 1-dollar razors. Not just that. They also shared it with their friends, causing it to go viral around the world.

That’s basically what we all want, right? But before you start writing down ideas, you need to know how Dollar Shave Club achieved these results. Let me tell you why; it all comes back to one effortless technique that I’ve talked about in my book.

They mastered pattern interruption.

Breaking the fourth wall and having the CEO converse directly with the audience, answering questions that the customer might have while still entertaining the disinterested customers who don’t care about razor blades.

This proves that you don’t need a fancy, multi-million dollar production or celebrity cameos to make it big. What you need is the perfect hook point that you can use to draw in people to watch you for YOU.

BlendTec’s “Will It Blend?” Case Study:

BlendTec’s show “Will It Blend” is a marketing campaign that consists of a series of short and funny infomercials where the founder of Blendtec attempts to blend unusual items to show off the power of his blender. I personally love how they construct their videos, and I think you’ll love it too.

The way the host interrupts the pattern is unique and entertaining and makes drawing in disinterested customers look so easy, but it is far from “easy”.

The channel accumulated over 291 million views with 864K subscribers. Now I know that may not be a lot by today’s standards, bear in mind that this is a BRAND channel about blending. It is a brand channel, and all the content they have is the CEO blending various items. Genius, right? Their hook point is so irresistible people can’t wait to see what he blends next.

I advise that you check both Dollar Shave Club’s ad and BlendTec Youtube channels and study them closely. Try to deconstruct why their hook points work so well and you may find some clues that help you on your journey to get your 1 million followers.

And if you can’t find the hook point that draws in your customers, my book can help you do that with guaranteed results.

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