Stir Up Some Emotion with Your Content

Ditching the safe route can do wonders for your content.

Need proof? Watch this eye-opening video that poses an intriguing question: Can you even hum a few notes from a Marvel movie soundtrack?

In the video, you’ll learn how movie producers have steered away from daring and emotionally impactful soundtracks in favor of forgettable and mediocre tunes.

Sure, “safe” music isn’t terrible, but it lacks flair and leaves no lasting impression. It neither enhances nor hampers a film’s overall content, but it’s a missed opportunity to achieve two crucial things that elevate content from average to viral:

  • Eliciting an emotional response from the audience.
  • Challenging the audience’s expectations.

Get this: a whopping 75% of the population comprises people who value facts, fun, and feelings in their content? By understanding and incorporating elements that cater to each group’s perspective, content creators can tap into new avenues of engagement and connect with a diverse range of individuals.

Feeling-oriented individuals thrive on content that stirs up emotions, resonates on a deeper level, and fosters meaningful connections. Craving authentic human experience, feelings-based audiences gravitate towards content that taps into their emotions. This percentage of the population yearns to establish a relationship with the content creator or experience an emotional connection through the content itself.

Now, let’s talk about Marvel films. These directors stick to a predictable formula when it comes to music. They pair comedic scenes with generic funny tunes and sad scenes with equally expected sad melodies. But by playing it safe, they miss out on creating memorable moments that challenge their audience.

Of course, Marvel hasn’t suffered from their unremarkable music choices. But in the realm of social media, being forgettable is the last thing you want.

So, the next time you create content, keep this objective in mind: Forge an emotional connection with your audience and dare to defy their expectations.

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