The 3 Most Common Mistakes I See When It Comes To Social Media

  1. “Posting Consistently” You do not need to post multiple times a day. You don’t even need to post multiple times a week. You don’t even need to post on the same day every week.Here’s the problem with posting too much: You only have so much bandwidth to create. If you’re spending more energy getting something done quickly than you are on understanding what you’re making and making it extremely good, what you end up with is a ton of mediocre content.

    You won’t have time to understand your results and iterate. You won’t have time to refine your concepts. You won’t have time to do the research and find great references. And your audience will feel that.

    But what’s worse? Every “filler” piece that inevitably goes up because of that time constraint is actually reducing your reach in the algorithm. So even if you were to one day post a killer piece of content, there’s a strong likelihood that no one will even see it!

    Post less. Focus on getting the results you want first, then become consistent. Use a looser schedule, like once a week (for video), when you’re ready to focus on growth. Otherwise, you’ll end up consistently average…or worse.

  2. Overbranding: If your page looks like a fully cohesive brand was behind it, chances are you’re not getting very good engagement. People have a 6th sense when it comes to advertising and creative output that has an agenda. They subconsciously know, almost immediately, that you’re not there to prove them value, but that you’re trying to manipulate them to take an action.If you’re looking for better engagement, start by removing as much branding as possible. Get your posts to look “neutral.” Provide immense value, and you’ll become a trusted part of their social content experience. Then, when you do have an agenda or something to sell, you’ll be able to do so honestly and authentically…and your audience will listen.
  3. No Solid Hook Point: This is probably the most critical mistake people make. It doesn’t matter how incredible your message is, or how much time you put into developing your video. If you’re not able to stop your audience in their tracks (or in their feed), none of what you have to say will see the light of day. This is compounded by the fact that every social media algorithm already knows this, and they’ll give no reach to posts that aren’t capturing attention immediately.You don’t need to clickbait. Come up with clever, surprising, and powerful messaging to frame your content within the first 3 seconds. Deliver on the promises you make with that messaging. This will give your content a chance to be heard.

Getting big views and engagement numbers is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes a lot of practice and patience. But even with all of that, it’s important to follow principles that are rooted in data and practical application, rather than what makes sense logically, but doesn’t have a meaningful impact. Start by avoiding the above 3 mistakes, and you’ll have a huge leg up on your competition on social media.

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