The 4 things I tell every client that never fail

There’s a secret to success on digital platforms that can apply to just about anybody.

I’ve seen it work for every client I’ve had. It didn’t matter if it was a business owner, author, artist, musician, or coach. It’s that good.

And, do you want to know the most surprising part about it?

It’s actually very simple.

It can actually apply to success online or offline, too.

I’d love to share it with you because I believe it can bring you enormous value, help you get ahead, and help you to succeed.

It’s the same approach I take with my business, and the exact advice I give my clients.

Today, I’m giving it to you for free.

  1. Find what is going to make you money first. Believe it or not, most people don’t really think about this. Or, they do but not to the depth they need to. It is an absolute if you want to be successful. You need to know if what you want to do can make you money. It will also give you the capital to reinvest in your goal so you can keep achieving it. If you’re not sure what you can do to generate revenue, ask yourself what problem you can solve for others, or what need or demand you can meet.
  2. Figure out who your customer is and where to find them. You may already have a clear idea about this. Or, you may not be sure. Either way, take this next step. If you already know who your customer is, you may find a new segment you weren’t expecting or overlooked. It could also open a new way to reach them that you weren’t aware of. Think of all the different people who might buy what you sell and where you can connect with them.
  3. Create your offer. This can be a product or a service. It entirely depends on you. Whatever it is, it needs to be as clear and developed as possible. Otherwise, it’ll be harder to sell, or it may not sell at all. Even if you already have your offer established, go through it to make sure you’re clear on what it is and that it’s fully developed. A lot of times people have really great offers, but something’s missing and that’s why it isn’t selling.
  4. Find your Hook Point. There’s a reason why I wrote a book about this. It’s because it’s one of the most critical aspects of success that a lot of people completely overlook. You can have the best offer, know exactly who your customer is and where to find them, yet still fail. I see it happen all the time! Figure out what can make you stand out, how you can grab and keep other people’s attention. My team and I make a list of every idea that comes to mind, then we narrow it down to 2-3 that we then test. Whatever performs the best is the hook.

A lot of established businesses, companies that were hugely successful, miss many or all of these steps. It’s because it’s a constant, iterative process you have to do over and over again to succeed. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve had your business or brand for years, make it a habit.

It’s how I’ve been able to accomplish all of my goals, and I want you to be able to do so, too.


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