The never-ending question of quality vs quantity.

I know it feels good to have everything lined up, and to have a clear plan to work from.

It means you can figure out what your campaign is about, and how you’re going to execute it.

It means you can set up your weekly schedule and determine what you’re going to put out there and when.

That way, you can just stick to the plan, and everything’s golden. Right?


Well, maybe not.

I want to challenge that idea today. I want to talk about planning versus agile iteration.

What do I mean by agile iteration? Essentially, it means that every time you put something out into the world, you wait until you have some kind of a response before you determine your next course of action.

For example, let’s talk about social media. Instead of jumping right into posting one category of content every Monday, then another on Wednesday, and another on Friday…let’s think about this for a second.

That plan means you’re making 3 pieces of content a week, and you have to get them out on time no matter what. Your focus will very quickly become checking boxes to maintain a schedule.

What I’m suggesting is to instead focus on outcomes and performance. Post the first piece of content. If it’s hitting the mark, learn from it and improve the format. Spend some extra time on it if necessary. If it doesn’t work, switch things up and try something different.

Let your success determine your schedule, don’t let your schedule determine your success.

It’s all about quality over quantity, after all. The last thing you want to do is have 6 months go by and you’re not getting any results, but BY GOLLY you have posted a lot of content! (Trust me, it’s happened to the best of us).

Take your time. Read your results. Make adjustments at every stage. That’s the real secret.

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