The Pitfalls of Ignoring Social Media Marketing Trends

When it comes to marketing in the social media age, traditional methods may not be as reliable as they once were. Just trying to find and target a specific audience won’t cut it anymore. Instead, content creators need to focus on creating content that will attract a wider audience. Take inspiration from Gucci, who decided to expand beyond its niche audience of high-end consumers and market streetwear. This decision proved to be a huge success, and Gucci gained a massive new customer base that was looking for luxury streetwear.

While some content creators worry about algorithms suppressing their content, it’s important to remember that the algorithms are just trying to keep you watching as long as possible. So, it’s crucial to understand what people like to watch. By creating content that people actually want to consume, you can build a wider audience.

To achieve this, it’s important to first identify what audiences are watching at scale, and then analyze why they’re watching that particular content. By understanding the specific attributes and nuances that appeal to audiences, you can create content that harnesses the power of those performance drivers. Doing this will ensure that your content is compelling enough to keep viewers engaged and coming back for more.

Another reason why traditional marketing practices don’t work as well anymore is that people are no longer interested in being sold to. They want to be entertained or educated. This is where content creators have a real opportunity to shine. Instead of trying to sell a product or service, create content that is informative or entertaining.

Take NPR, for example. While it has traditionally appealed to an older audience, NPR was able to attract a younger demographic with the launch of its Planet Money channel. Planet Money creates content that combines absurd humor and easy-to-understand explanations of complicated financial topics. By creating content that appeals to a wider audience and provides valuable insights, NPR was able to expand its brand and reach new markets. This is a lesson that all content creators can learn from.

Finally, social media users are inundated with ads on a daily basis. This means that traditional ads are often ignored or even actively disliked. By creating content that is informative, entertaining, or even absurdly humorous, you can cut through the noise and get your brand noticed.

Whether it’s creating informative or entertaining content, the key is to create something that people will want to share. This is the best way to escape the marketing trap, attract a new audience, and expand your brand to new markets. So, get creative and start creating content that will attract a wider audience today!

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