The Problem With Shark Tank Pitches

The word “pitch” is thrown around way too much in business.

Here’s the problem: Compelling an audience, whether that’s one person or millions, works best when you’ve A) won their attention, and B) don’t come off as greedy.

A “pitch” is inherently greedy. You have something I want, and here’s what I’m offering for it.

Shark Tank is a great example of a show all about pitches.

Yes, it’s entertaining television. But should you be building your brand and marketing in the way you see it delivered on screen on the show?

Check out this video for a detailed breakdown of some Shark Tank pitches:

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Rather than trying to pitch, why not tell your story? Get your audience invested emotionally in your journey and your goals. Some of the most powerful interactions you’ll have begin with a connection through conversation.

Rather than try to pitch, why not address a pain point? If you can speak to your audience’s needs and woes better than they can, you’ll have set yourself up for success almost instantly.

Rather than trying to pitch, why not create immediate value for the other party? This is a much more powerful approach than simply talking about what you’re trying to sell.

The world is your oyster in terms of how creative you can get with delivering your message… but in my opinion, the idea of “pitching” is a spoiled, rotten oyster. Not the one you want.

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