The Root Cause Of Low Audience Engagement

A common misconception about digital platforms is that a large audience is the end goal. That success comes once you get the number of followers you want to have.

It’s simply not true.

In reality, a large audience is just the beginning.

You’ll quickly realize that keeping your audience engaged is the second, critical piece to success. In fact, it can be more challenging than growing your following.

That’s where your content comes in.

There was a time where all it took to succeed on digital platforms was to simply post photos, videos, or other content. Today, that’s not typically the case. Far more people are trying to leverage these platforms than in the past, and there is more content than ever. There are also algorithms. These factors can limit your success, and are only likely to continue.

The type of content you create will determine the engagement you get from your audience. It can also impact the type of followers you attract, your audience retainment, virality, likes and shares.

If you’re experiencing low engagement, or if you want to increase your engagement, look at your content.

Is it the content your audience wants? Does it provide value to them? Is it being delivered in a way that keeps them interested?

Evaluate the content that has done well for you. What topic did it cover? How did you deliver it? Look at your content that hasn’t done well and try to learn from it, too.

I recommend going beyond your own content to learn from others as well.

Always Remember: It’s not just about the size of your audience, but what you’re providing to it, too.

I give additional insight and tips about creating content in this post. It’s a topic my team and I teach about every month in my One Million Views Club private group as well. Learn more about the group here.

I had a great time speaking at the SMXL conference in Milan recently. Thank you to everyone who attended my session!

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