The Secret Tool To Check Out Your Competition

When I first came across this powerful tool, I was very excited. And, if you haven’t heard of it, you should be too…

The Facebook Ad Library

First of all, it’s free.

Second, imagine that you have at your fingertips, every single ad creative that every brand is running across all of Facebook and Instagram.

If you don’t already know why I love this tool, let me explain.

First of all, when I’m creating a new campaign either for myself or for a client, this is probably the most powerful resource in the world for gathering intel. Research, research, research. I get to see what everyone is running, which means I know what my target audience is seeing, and what my “score to beat” looks like.

Second, it gives me ideas. Should I be going with high production-value videos? Stills? Should I create sets? Or, should I my content be text heavy? If the competition is doing well, I can make an informed decision to be inspired by them…or to differentiate.

Third, I can look for patterns. I love finding trends in ads from the competition. It means that I can find holes in their strategies, and avoid making mistakes that I would have easily made had I not seen the full scope of what’s out there.

My team and I don’t just use it for ads, but social posts, and any other content we create. It’s enormously helpful.

Here’s a quick video breaking down how we use it from a recent private group coaching call: 

Give it a try. Find the brands or competitors in your industry or niche, and see what they’re making. Leverage it for your own ideation and creation. Let me know if you find it helpful.

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