The simple answer to complicated questions

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the simplest-seeming questions are the hardest ones to answer?

Let’s try one.

What is a question you wish you were asked more often?
(See what I mean? Not so easy to answer.)

Whether you’re asking your team “what should the subject of this marketing email be?” or “what should we title this piece of social media content?”, it’s easy to feel completely stumped. With so many possible answers, how are you supposed to figure out the right one?

I find it helpful to make sure you’re fully exploring the question, considering all possible angles and data points. Often, this can just be done by thinking logically and asking yourself what other information you need to know to arrive at the right solution.

For example, let’s say your relative calls you up and asks you, “I’m looking for a new computer. What one should I buy?” What do you tell them? If you’re like most people, you’ll probably have a lot more questions for them, as there are a lot of other factors to consider. What’s their budget? Do they need their new computer to be portable? What are they using the computer for – editing video, 3D modeling, gaming, or sending emails and browsing the web? It’s only through asking these questions and considering all the possibilities that you can give them the most helpful answer.

So for our purposes, if you’re wondering what to title a piece of video content, you can ask yourself, who is your target audience? What platform are you posting on? What message are you trying to communicate? Is your video punchy enough up top that it serves as a pattern interrupt, or do you need to use the title for that?

When you take the time to consider these factors, the solution can be just as simple as the question.

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