The Truth About Most Digital Strategies Online…

99.9% of the advice and tips that you’ll find when it comes to digital content and social media strategies are getting it wrong.

Think that’s crazy? Hear me out.

How many times have you seen “gurus” telling you things like:

  1. “Post consistently. You always want to post the same types of videos on the same days every week. That way people know when to come back for your posts.”
  2. “Look at what’s performing best for you, and do more of that. That’s how you get real growth.”
  3. “Make sure your posts all have a similar look and feel, so that people know it’s you.”

Focusing your strategy on things like that will absolutely destroy your growth potential.

Think of it this way: Let’s say you’re averaging 1,000 likes per post right now. You’ve been up and down, but that seems to be where you’ve hit your ceiling.

Logically speaking, why in the world would being consistent, doing the same things you’ve been doing, and making everything look the same increase your performance?

I like to call this “optimization strategy.” You can only get one day better at a time, without some massive luck. That’s a strategy that should be reserved for once you’ve established the metrics you’re aiming for.

If you want pure, massive, and unadulterated growth, you’ve got to re-assess everything. I mean everything. Start doing research. Identify pages that are doing things differently, and that are getting 10x your numbers. Find a new way of making your content that does not look like what you’ve been doing.

Don’t post unless you’ve got an absolutely killer piece of content ready to go. Those filler posts that were going up just to fill the schedule? They’re killing your reach in the algorithm. The “best” posts you had before? The numbers they were getting should be reserved for only your worst posts moving forwards. Make every single post look different, until you find a new look that helps you get those big numbers.

Your posts will flop sometimes. It’s inevitable. You might not even hit your consistent (but unsatisfying) numbers that you had in the past. But what will happen is that eventually, one of your new, different-feeling pieces of content will hit the mark. And it’ll crush the mark by ten-fold…or more.

Once that happens? Sure. Build a schedule. Standardize the format. But in the meantime, remember that every post should be a new shot at realizing your super-powers…not just checking boxes.

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