There’s Something Better Than Building Your Own Audience

One of the fastest ways to grow an audience is to use existing audiences that can put you in front of large numbers of people. Brands have been doing this for years. I do it, and so can you.

I talked about this in a recent interview with Big Questions Podcast.

If you want to build and grow your own audience, I recommend listening to the interview. A few highlights from the conversation:

  • What I learned while working in the early days of the digital business and how it still applies today.
  • How I created one of the first influencer campaigns online for the movie Crank, and why the same tactics still work.
  • Where AirBnB really gained its growth, and why it’s relevant.

You can use the same tactics and strategies I talk about on the podcast, regardless of why you want to build an audience or what stage you are at. I am proof of it, and have written a book about it to help others do the same. Hope you enjoy the podcast!

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