To Break The Rules, You Have To Do This

“We can’t break the rules if we don’t understand them.”

This was something I recently said to a member of my team. We were discussing a strategy that we’ve been experimenting with for the past few months, one that we aren’t sure will be effective, and don’t necessarily believe in. 

The only way we’ll know for sure is by giving it a try, seeing what works, and learning from it.

It brings up an important element of business innovation and success. 

A lot of people are afraid to try new things. Or, they’re adverse to a tactic or strategy, and don’t want to explore it for their brand or business. Believe me, I don’t always believe what I see and hear about succeeding on digital platforms. But, I let data make the choice. We then make the determination of whether it’s right for my business and brand, or if there are aspects we can use.

We can’t truly make decisions or identify what will be effective without a willingness to evaluate and consider the options available. 

Sometimes, what we think will succeed doesn’t. Sometimes, we challenge the status quo and it is highly effective. 

Many times we find elements that work, and develop our own proprietary approach.

There are many different paths to success on digital platforms. What works for someone else may not work for you. The only way to truly know what will provide value to you and your business or brand is by exploring and experimenting. That can include strategies and tactics you’re not familiar with, or don’t necessarily think will work.

It doesn’t mean you should jump into everything you read or hear about. But, an open mind, willingness to learn and general curiosity can have enormous benefit.

It’s why I constantly push myself, my team and my audience to do the same.

You don’t always have to break rules or challenge common practices to be successful, but get to know what’s available to you, then let experimentation and data help you make that choice.


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