Want to hear a terrible story?

Let’s talk about an interesting point that often gets overlooked by all kinds of businesses, both established and new. Do you have a landing page? Maybe you’re using your Instagram as your “home page?”

And of course, you probably have a traffic source driving people to that home page…whether that’s social ads, display ads, word of mouth, flyers…whatever. But how often do you think about the story progression between your traffic source and your landing page?

For example, imagine I’m a potential customer. I see a nice ad for your product, so I click to see your landing page. I’m then greeted by the same thing I just saw. Traditionally, that sounds alright. It’s the way marketing has been thought of for a long time.

Now imagine this: I see an ad that starts to tell a story, and gets me intrigued to learn more. Then when I click through, there’s more story being developed. I’m learning, or going on a journey, and I’m aligning with product along the way.

Which sounds better to you?

Before you design a landing page or ad, try to take some considerations for what this journey or story will be. And now that I’ve got this in your head, I hope you’ll start to recognize the problem when you see it out there in the world. There are so many awful user journeys out there. Don’t be one of them!

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