What happens if you change the focus of your YouTube channel

I recently discussed the impact of changing content focus. I’d like to share a few things from the conversation with you.

A member of my private coaching group changed the focus of his YouTube channel and isn’t getting a lot of views on his new videos. He asked if it might be due to the change in focus, and if he should start a new, separate channel instead.

There is no way to truly know the answer without testing.

However, from what I know about YouTube’s algorithm is that it’s designed to show people the type of content they want to see. It is logical to assume the algorithm is probably showing his videos to a percentage of his old audience, and when they don’t engage, it stops showing it to more of his audience. It then stops long before showing it to audiences beyond his.

You can learn more about social algorithms here.

If you’re not getting views, your tactics aren’t working.

It means it’s time to change things up. Creating another channel to post the same videos is an easy way to test if this is the reason why he’s not getting views. Using different titles, thumbnails and focusing on what happens in the first three seconds of his videos are also ways to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. He can also explore different timing, pace and other elements with his videos to determine what the audience responds to.

I talk more about viral videos here.

The key lesson here is to learn from everything you create.

If something works, take note and build on it. If it doesn’t work, take note and try something different.

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