What makes the best creatives tick

Let’s be honest: making content is hard work. Growing a channel takes a lot of time and effort, but hiring an editor, graphic designer, etc. can be a significant cost. So when do you hire creatives, and when should you do it yourself?

The first thing I tell everyone is: before you hire a professional, try making at least one piece of content on your own first. Even if you’ve never created content before, and even if you do eventually end up making the decision to hire someone, it’s important you at least get your feet wet. It’s good to have an understanding of the basics, so you’ll be able to explain to the creative exactly what you’re looking for and get a feel for the scope and time commitment required for each post.

Plus, like any industry, it’s easy to get bamboozled and hire the wrong people if you truly have no idea what the content creation process entails. So at the very least, watch some YouTube videos and see what you can do. Who knows — you might even like it!

When the amount of work involved gets overwhelming, it’s time to call in the experts. When looking for creatives, the number one most important thing to look at is their portfolio. An impressive resume with tons of experience is all well and good, but when hiring creatives, their portfolio trumps everything. One look at their body of work can tell you if they’ve done what you need and have shown they can do a range of work up to your standards.

One thing that separates the best creatives from the pack is the willingness to ask questions. Yes, you want someone with skills, but the best creatives know not to just blindly copy instructions and really dig at the reasoning behind decisions. It’s only by asking and answering these questions that you’re able to look at things from a different light, and potentially solve problems you didn’t initially anticipate.


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