What Makes Videos Go Viral On YouTube

I recently shared an interesting video about what makes videos go viral on YouTube. I’d like to share it with you also.

It’s really fascinating how it breaks it down, and is extremely insightful to understanding that ecosystem. Quite a bit of it somewhat applies to Instagram as well.

I’ve included the video below, but here’s a quick summary.

What makes videos go viral on YouTube? It heavily weighs on two key things:

Thumbnail and Headline – Because most of the views come from suggested videos, the thumbnail and headline are the first two things that can persuade a viewer to watch your video. The higher the click-through rate of seeing your thumbnail and headline, the more the algorithm will promote your content.

Watch Duration – Once a viewer has clicked into the video, the average length of time the viewer spends watching the video is the next data point the algorithm uses to promote your content. This means that you’ll want to make videos to relate to your headline. The longer your video is, the better chance you have at having a longer duration.

You can view the full video I shared here.

Succeeding at driving audience and attention to your content on digital platforms takes a bit more than just publishing a video or photo. It’s why a lot of people fail at building and growing followers.

But, if you create your content with these factors and elements in mind from the start, it becomes a lot easier. You can increase your chances of success, as well.


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