Why brands suck at social

Do you know your brand?

Often, I’ll hear about companies pushing back against a certain direction for their social media, claiming that it “doesn’t fit their brand.” And while I can understand the impulse, that line of thinking is totally backwards.

If you decide what your brand is before you’ve actually figured out what your audience is responding to, you make it very hard to communicate your message. If the general public isn’t receptive to your preconceived notions of what your brand is, you’re not going to be able to reach them.

You can’t put the cart before the horse, and you can’t put your brand before your customers. What you think your brand is or isn’t doesn’t matter. What matters is what your core demographic wants, and fitting your brand to serve them.

It’s like the old man who refuses to learn how to text. “It’s just not what I do,” he says. And for a while, maybe he can get away with it. But as the years go on and more and more people use text messaging as their primary means of communication, what’s going to happen? He stops being able to connect to his friends and family. He gets left behind. Sure, he stuck to his brand, but at what cost?

Branding can be incredibly powerful, and it’s an important way to set the stage for your company. But you have to be flexible and adapt to the general public, or you’ll get left in the dust.


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