Your data isn’t compromised. It’s just lonely.

How would you feel if you hired someone to do a job every week, but after a few weeks they started to slack off and provide you with less value?

How would you notice? Maybe there are clues left around? Shortcuts being taken? Subtle changes in attitude? Chances are, the difference may not be very obvious at a glance!

Once we do notice, most of us would take action pretty quickly. Every week that goes by is more money that we’re wasting.

If that sounds accurate to you, please consider this: You should consider treating all your data the same way.

Whether that’s Facebook post analytics, your lead generation funnel, or your ad budgets, I suggest you look further than the obvious metrics.

As an example, let’s talk about Facebook posts. Rather than looking at shares or reach alone, look at the ratio of your shares to your reach. That will inform a better decision about your content! Once you put those two clues together, you’re able to tell not only how the algorithm treated your post, but also what percentage of the people who actually saw it…enjoyed it! Your future content decisions will improve dramatically with this type of analysis.

Lead funnels are the same. If you are simply looking at your return on ad spend or your acquisition cost, you’re missing out on all the delicious informative metrics in between. For example, if you’re getting low clicks on an ad, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not working! It could very well just be attracting a specific type of high-paying customer that will convert on the other end of the funnel. You can take this insight to further tune your creative.

Data is all about breaking past the obvious. It’s daunting at times, but I promise you that it’s incredibly rewarding!

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