We are offering exclusive workshops – by
application only – in cities around the world. In
our exclusive workshops, I’ll teach you all of the
principals outlined in my book “One Million
Followers” along with the agile approach I used
to generate one million of followers around the
world in less than 30 days

The seminar will cover:

  • The agile process of I used in generating one million followers and how to apply that to your business
  • Finding headlines and hook points for your business that will attract attention
  • Building out scalable tests that will help you identify:
  • Your ideal target groups and how to rapidly develop variations to those target groups.
  • Measuring shareability and how to successfully crack word-of-mouth sharing of your brand and content.
  • Measuring the response rate of content that builds followers.
  • How to determine which exact variation yields the best results.

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