Your brand is bigger than you think

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is not thinking big enough when it comes to the content they’re making. Your content can be so much more than just simply selling your product – and it has to be if your goal is to grow and expand your customer base.

There are only a few brands that customers trust implicitly, to the point that their content doesn’t really matter. Companies like Apple and Tesla have done the hard work and get to reap the rewards of a loyal fan base that will wait in long lines and pay a hefty premium for their latest and greatest no matter what. For everyone else, however, your content means the difference between a thousand orders and ten thousand orders. Your content has to reach the widest possible audience – not just your current customers – if you want to scale. If you only make content about your product and why customers should buy your product, it becomes very challenging to expand beyond your current audience.

For example, let’s say I owned a beef jerky company. If all I did on social media was write articles about beef jerky or make videos showcasing my latest beef jerky, I’d never be able reach people who might be interested in my product, but weren’t already actively seeking out beef jerky content. Plus, even the most die-hard beef jerky customers are going to get tired of nonstop content about beef jerky. Who’s going to want to follow and engage with something as one note as that? Instead, perhaps I could showcase my personality, recipes that involve the product, or even create skits that showcase the personality and tone of the brand itself?

If I am going to broaden out my customer base, I would need to understand the beef jerky customer. What else are they interested in? What other products are they buying? What else do they care about? What do they like to do? By branching out and making content that is directly related to my product, but still appeals to my customers, I’m able to target a much bigger demographic and bring in new potential customers into my content ecosystem. To continue with this example, let’s say I learn that beef jerky customers also love to drink beer. Now, if I make a piece of content about the ten best beers to try this summer, I’m reaching not only my beef jerky customers, but a whole new world of beer drinkers. I’m expanding my business beyond what I’m selling to appeal to people who might never have thought about how delicious beef jerky goes with a nice, refreshing lager.

Nike isn’t just a shoe company that talks about shoes all day long – they’re a fitness brand that appeals to so many more people than just sneaker heads. When you think big with your content and try to create a total experience for your audience, you open up a whole new set of customers.

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