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Brendan Kane is the Founder and Managing Director of Hook Point.

Since 2005, he has helped some of the largest brands and celebrities in the world reverse engineer virality through his proprietary process, the Predictive Viral Content Model.

As a result, Brendan and the Hook Point team have collectively generated $1 billion in revenue, 60 billion views, and 100 million followers for their clients.

His commitment to a research-based, human-centered, and outcome-driven approach helped him to:

Develop the first ever influencer campaign on YouTube in 2007

Oversee $200 million in marketing spend for major corporations

Grow audiences for major celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Adriana Lima

Develop winning strategies for Fortune 100 companies and brands like MTV, Yahoo!, IKEA, Viacom, Vice Magazine, Paramount Pictures and Sketchers Shoes

Generate over a million followers in 30 days on his personal Facebook and Instagram accounts from scratch using his own process as an experiment

Developing and refining your business model to maximize revenue

And author the bestselling books One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Audience in 30 Days and Hook Point: How to Stand out in a 3-Second World


Amplifying your views, engagement and follower growth on social media with custom viral strategies

Identifying the best platform to maximize growth from your brand

Leveraging a comprehensive audit of your social media performance to diagnose the issues killing your performance

Utilizing analytics to track progress and adjust strategies for continuous improvement

Learning how to create emotionally engaging, high-quality and shareable content tailored to your brand identity to form a genuine connection with your followers

Making your next product, ecommerce store, event, book, album or campaign a viral hit through a time-tested, research-based method

Multiplying your sales potential and hitting new revenue targets with personalized viral strategies directly tied to your business objectives

Growing massive audiences for your brand and learning how to monetize their attention

Developing and refining organic social media strategies to maximize your impact and revenue

Supercharging your creative productions with a data-driven approach designed to generate business results

Training your team on the only proven system to generate virality intentionally in any niche

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