🤔 How to Sell Without Selling: Using Adjacent Spaces in Your Content Marketing

Have you ever noticed how some products are just a pain to even think about? Take tax preparation software, for example. No one wants to dwell on taxes until April 15 is breathing down our necks, and even then, we’re searching for the easiest escape route from the tax-filing struggle.

You know those tax preparation companies like H & R Block that pop up each year just to remind us we need their help? Yeah, they usually sell their services in a kind of a “time-to-take-your-medicine” way. But this year, Turbotax turned that on its head. Instead of getting us to think about their service, they wanted us to imagine life without it. Their tagline, “don’t do your taxes,” is spot-on, because who wouldn’t want that? Their ads show people doing fun things like playing the piano, napping, or exploring nature, and we’re suddenly less focused on the chore of taxes and more on the freedom of, well, not doing them.

Clever, right? It’s anti-advertising that tricks us into remembering that their product is the key to us not having to deal with that boring tax stuff.

Now, as content creators, this approach is something we can definitely learn from. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to sell what we offer that we lose sight of what people really want. Sure, they may need your financial advice, but deep down, they’re dreaming of freedom, fun vacations, and peace of mind. That’s where the concept of adjacent spaces comes in – gently nudging people to imagine a better life while using your product.

So, picture this: you’re selling nutritional supplements. You could go the usual route of featuring buff athletes and protein shakes, which works for some people. But how about getting the average Joe or Jane thinking about the things they could achieve with better sleep, more energy, or even dropping a clothing size?

In a way, having your audience not focus on your product might be the best advertisement of all.

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