Here’s How He Did It: 2 Million Subscribers in 30 Days 🥳

In today’s blog post we’re covering how one obscure horror content creator gained 2 million YouTube subscribers in less than a month. And then he vanished.

You can check out our breakdown of the rapid success and strange disappearance of Corpse Husband on YouTube:

While some speculate that Corpse Husband’s success was due to his unique gravelly voice, in reality, his videos follow only a few simple tactics to create the perfect formula:

  • Keep it weird but balanced
    • To make his video stand out from the millions of videos online, Corpse hints about potential drama that will occur in the video throughout.

  • Use clever dramatization
    • In the first few seconds, Corpse says he will “enjoy my new friendships being ruined,” adding dramatic tension.
    • Emphasizing “new friendships,” doubles down on the absurdity and makes viewers question why they would put themselves in this situation.

  • Let the nuances develop
    • Content creators often strive to capture their audiences by expressing powerful reactions within gaming videos.
    • Corpse adds authenticity by developing the interactions between the players within the game and leaving room for realistic conflict, driving up retention rates.

Our Main Takeaway

Corpse approached his content with intelligence and creativity, but his growth wasn’t solely because of his singular voice. He understood the foundations and nuances in creating content. As Corpse gained popularity, anxiety grew. Being a faceless YouTuber, he aimed to protect his private life, causing speculation and unwanted leaks. He eventually left the platform, having built a legacy.

Fans hope Corpse Husband returns to YouTube; however, we can apply takeaways from his remarkable success. As you think about your own content, look for ways to keep it weird, inject clever dramatization, and develop the nuances.

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