Would you click your content if it came up in your feed?

Followers are overrated.

I know, it sounds almost blasphemous, right?  Especially considering the title of my first book. But hear me out. People tend to think that if they just had a bigger following on social media, they’ll automatically be more successful, but there’s more to it than just follower count.

Traditional wisdom dictates that the more followers you have, the more people will see you content. But what many brands and businesses overlook is the importance of making engaging, attention-grabbing content. You can have all the followers in the world, but if your content isn’t engaging, people won’t click on it and the algorithms won’t promote it to them. All that hard work you put into your content will just be wasted effort.

That’s why it’s so important to think about how you present your content. Your content needs to have a Hook Point that captures people’s attention and makes them want to stop and click through.

This isn’t as difficult as it may initially sound. When coming up with Hook Points, I find it helpful to ask myself, “what would make me stop whatever I’m doing and engage with this piece of content?” If you can’t find a way to package your content in a way that would make YOU pay attention to it, you can’t expect anyone else to pay attention to it.

Let’s take my first book, “One Million Followers,” as an example. I could have called it something like “How To Grow Your Brand On Social Media.” It accurately describes the content, but it’s boring and generic. It’s just one of many pieces of content talking about building up your social media platforms, and it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. I wouldn’t feel compelled to pick up that book with that title on the cover, no matter how great of a read it might be.

Instead, I titled my first book “One Million Followers: How I Built A Massive Social Following In 30 Days.” Much better title, right? It grabs attention and tells a story. There’s comparatively very few people talking about how to go from zero to a million followers in a month, so it immediately stands out. Even though the content of the book is the same, the Hook Point makes all the difference.

If you’re still unsure about how to come up with better Hook Points, look at people who are successful. Ask yourself what Hook Points they’re using to capture their audience’s attention. How are they differentiating themselves from the billions of messages posted on social media each day? What makes their content engaging?

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